In the interest of cross-species understanding, we invite you to book a visit to our spacecraft, where you will experience stunning views, mind-expanding technology and exceptional Canis Minor hospitality (try the yurgenflark!). 


UFO hovering near planet

what to expect

We can understand why you might be nervous – it is a giant metal flying object, after all, from a place you’ve never been or even heard of. It’s nothing like a car or plane, but don’t worry! We’ve done this plenty of times and people mostly make it back fully intact.

Model in hoodie

how to dress

We will try to make your journey as enjoyable as possible, but since your human bodies are not familiar with this form of travel, we suggest wearing only the most comfortable coverings. We have designed a few you might enjoy.

Gas station with beam


After booking your visit, a giant light beam will appear at your specified time and location. Once you are off the ground, time will not move at the rate you are accustomed to, so ensure you have things in order back on Earth. If you do not show up, you will still be charged.

[ TIER 1 ]


Our tractor beam will lift you to the height of your choosing before gently setting you down again.

[ TIER 2 ]


Enjoy a night or two on our spacecraft, complete with meals, cultural activities and a novelty probing.

[ TIER 3 ]


Tired of Earth? Join our crew as a cultural attaché and occasional test subject. Spots are extremely limited!